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Definition: (also smithers) small fragments (smash into smithereens).
Synonyms: fragment, particle, piece, portion
Etymology: Smithereens is an alteration of the Irish smidirin , "fragment." (more...)

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A man paints with his brains and not with his hands.
by Michelangelo

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Girolamo Aleandro

Girolamo Aleandro (also Hieronymus or Jerome Aleander) (13 February 1480 – 1 February 1542) was an Italian cardinal, and the first cardinal appointed in pectore.

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A man walks into a Silicon Valley pet store looking to buy a monkey. The store owner points towards three identical looking monkeys. 'The one on the left costs $500,' says the store owner. 'Why so much?' asks the customer. 'Because it can program in C,' answers the store owner. The customer inquires about the next monkey and is told, 'That one costs $1500, because it knows Visual C++ and Object-Relational technology.' The startled man then asks about the third monkey. 'That one costs $3000,' answers the store owner. '3000 dollars!!' exclaims the man. 'What can that one do?' To which the owner replies, 'To be honest, I've never seen it do a single thing, but it calls itself a Consultant.'

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What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

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Henry Drinker

Henry Drinker (15 Sept. 1880-9 Mar. 1965), attorney, author, and musicologist, was born Henry Sandwith Drinker, Jr., in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Henry S. Drinker, Sr., and Ernesta Beaux. Henry Sr. was an engineer and attorney who became general counsel of the Lehigh Valley Railroad when Henry Jr. was five years old; he later served for many years as president of Lehigh University. The Drinkers were a prominent Philadelphia Quaker family whose roots extended back to colonial times. Ernesta Beaux's background was quite different: The daughter of an impoverished French ?migr? painter, she had grown up in genteel poverty in Philadelphia, supported by an aunt and by her older sister, Cecilia Beaux, who became a noted portrait artist. Following Ernesta's marriage, her sister painted numerous portraits of the Drinker family.

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Did you know

  • that Irworobongdo (pictured) is a Korean folding screen with a stylized landscape painting for symbolizing the political cosmology of the Joseon Dynasty?
  • that winning time of 3.04 by Ellington at the 1856 Derby Stakes was the slowest ever recorded, breaking the 'record' of 3.02 set in 1852 by Daniel O'Rourke?
  • that some Anglo-Saxon churches, such as St Peter's Church, Barton-upon-Humber, were originally built with towers for naves?
  • that 'locked-in syndrome', in which a patient is aware and awake but cannot move or communicate due to complete paralysis of most muscles except for the eyes, was coined by neurologist Dr. Fred Plum?